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Zhang Shenxian
Zhang Shenxian  (1928 —         )
Zhang Shenxian was born in 1928 in Shexian, Sichuan province. He graduated from the Painting Department of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1953 and was a professor and Deputy Director of the Academy's Department of Oil Painting until retiring in 1982. He is also a member of the Chinese Artists' Association, the Sichuan Artists' Association and a member of the Chinese Oil Painting Society. Zhang Shenxian's paintings have been exhibited in Japan, Algeria, Yugoslavia, the U.S. and throughout China.


  • Still Life with Oranges, 1982
    Oil on Canvas
    29" x 25" (73.7cm x 63.5cm)

    About this work

    Zhang Shenxian's still life paintings always involve fruit and objects found in typical Chinese homes. The artist often relies on a dominant color such as the blue found in Chinese textiles and ceramics and selects a brighter 'clash' color such as orange or yellow that provides dramatic contrast. He uses soft, flowing brush strokes as well as fine detailed brush work, again, to achieve contrast. This style forces the viewer to carefully consider what they are seeing. In this way, Zhang Shenxian succeeds in creating a unique interpretation of the still life.   

  • Still Life with Flowers, 1983
    Oil on Canvas
    22" x 21" (55.9cm x 53.3cm)

    About this work

    Zhang Shenxian's still life paintings are basically about things you would see in most Chinese homes, like this example of plants being started and grown in pots along a windowsill. The colors the artist uses are often limited to two or three that provide contrast within the scene. The perspective is from above, looking down on objects in typical arrangements. This viewpoint is part of the artist's desire to make his audience comfortable with the familiarity of what they are seeing. Zhang Shenxian's still life paintings are simple and serene.   

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