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“Kings of Freedom,” four sections of the Berlin Wall owned by The Hefner Collection, were unveiled to the public at the Bedok Reservoir in Singapore on January 8, 2010.


Robert and MeiLi Hefner have agreed to loan their four sections of the Berlin Wall to Singapore “Kings of Freedom”. The wall is on display at Bedok Reservoir. The Hefners, alongside Singapore’s Minister of Foreign Affairs George Yeo, believe that the park at Bedok Reservoir will serve as a backdrop for creative activities and community gatherings while establishing the wall as more than a mere park sculpture, but as an inspirational and historical icon.

The winning team of the Kings of Freedom Design Competition - Sim Jie Han, Yuen Yu Fen and Ou Ying-Jun – participated in the installation. “Kings of Freedom” murals painted on the Berlin Wall sections by West German graffiti artist Dennis Kaun inspired the title for the design competition and project. Painted on the West side of the Wall, the murals depict a bright and joyful king representing freedom and a colorless, blindfolded king who is oblivious to the wishes of his people. The Hefners know that the art installation will highlight the importance of tolerance and understanding within society.

Setting the Berlin Wall in place



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