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Robert & MeiLi Hefner's Berlin Wall sections on display in Singapore

By Metra Nichols, October 25, 2011

Robert and MeiLi Hefner's "Kings of Freedom" Berlin Wall sections are accompanied by a restaurant/café "WaWawa", located close to the Wall at Singapore's Bedok Reservoir Park. The wall is on loan to Singapore by Robert and MeiLi Hefner and was unveiled to the public on January 10, 2010.  There were over 200 guests present at the unveiling including George Yeo, Singapore's former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lim Hwee Hua – former Minister in the Prime Minister's office - and government officials from the German Embassy.  The wall serves as a backdrop for creative activities and community gatherings that has establish the Wall as an inspirational and historical icon.
The Wall and "WaWawa" are located in the sculpture garden area of the park. The architectural design of the restaurant / café reflects the theme of the falling of the Berlin Wall by incorporating two slanted walls to the structure, symbolizing the reunification of Germany. The slanted walls will be filled with plants so that the café can be integrated to the surrounding area. "WaWawa" will feature a full menu of moderately priced "comfort" food influenced by German cooking traditions.  
The panels are housed in a 1,400 sq meter glass enclosure in the eastern part of Bedok Reservoir Park.  Painted on the side of the Wall, which once faced West Berlin, the murals depict a bright and joyful king representing freedom and a colorless, blindfolded king who is oblivious to the wishes of his people.  The side of the Wall which faced East Berlin remained unpainted. 

Berlin Wall unveiling in Singapore



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