Leng Jun

Leng Jun

Leng Jun was born in Sichuan province and graduated in 1984 from the Art Department of Wuhan Normal University. He currently lives in Beijing where he is a professional painter and member of the China Realists group, an organization of painters formed to promote realist painting. Leng Jun won the Art Award in the 2nd Annual Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing, and the Golden Award in the 3rd Annual Chinese Art Exhibition. His paintings have been sold regularly at auctions throughout China and have been acquired for private and institutional collections world-wide.

  • Antelope's Corner, 1993
    Oil on Canvas
    31 1/2" x 39" (80cm x 99cm)

    About this work

    All of Leng Jun’s paintings are executed in what is referred to in China as a hyper-realist style given that they look almost photographic and at the same time, three dimensional. The surface of Leng Jun’s paintings is often so realistic that viewers have misinterpreted his canvases for mixed media pieces, believing he has collaged materials into the paintings. Upon close inspection of “Antelope’s Corner” the viewer can see texture on the horns of the skull created with multiple layers of paint and the texture is so effective on the background that one would think the skull was actually painted on an aged piece of paper.