Liu Bingjiang

Liu Bingjiang

Liu Bingjiang was born in 1937 in Beijing. He graduated from the oil painting department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1961. He has since been a professor in the Fine Arts Department of the Central Nationalities Institute. He is also a council member of the China Artists’ Society, member of the China Artists’ Society Mural Art Committee, and a founding member of the Beijing Oil Painting Research Association. Between 1980 and 1982, Liu Bingjiang and his wife, Zhou Lin, produced a mural for the Beijing Hotel entitled “Creation, Harvest, Joy.” The well-known mural measures 20′ x 55′ and illustrates over 20 Chinese minorities. Liu Bingjiang considers travel one of the most necessary aspects of an artist’s education and he has travelled extensively painting what he calls “people and places of the world.” From 1985 to 1987, Liu Bingjiang toured Europe while living and working as a guest artist at the invitation of the French government. He was awarded the silver medal in the 1986 French Salon, Paris, and was given the French National Gold Medal for Painting the same year.

  • By The Seashore, 1982
    Oil on Canvas
    17" x 23" (43cm x 58.5cm)

    About this work

    Liu Bingjiang has used an impressionistic style to interpret a simple scene of fishermen sorting their nets in mid-day along a rocky coast. His use of color is all that gives the picture its perspective. Interestingly, Liu Bingjiang has used only three colors: blue, yellow, and white; it is the way in which he has handled the tonality that makes the painting appear to have more color.