Wang Zhenghua

Wang Zhenghua

A native of Hunan Province, Wang Zenghua entered the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 1956. He graduated in 1961 and remained at the Academy as an instructor in the Oil Painting Department. Wang spent a two year sabbatical from 1980 to 1982 in Italy, holding a one-man exhibition and gaining an award from the Casarico Association of Art. Collections of Wang’s works are held in the Gallery of Chinese Art and the Museum of Chinese History, Beijing.

  • Seaside, 1984
    Oil on Canvas
    16" x 22" (40.6cm x 55.9)

    About this work

    This simple subject is made more interesting by the use of a pointillistic technique used by Wang Zenghua. Originally developed by the neo-Impressionist painter Seurat, the technique uses tiny dots of pure color which become blended in the viewer’s eye, with the aim of producing greater luminosity.